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About company.

Objectives of «Pallet Export» (Pallet Export Ltd.)  - it is a decision of tasks of storage and transporting of loads by means of wooden pallets. A company is a producer and simultaneously wholesale salesman of europallets EPAL size 1200х800 with a carrying capacity to 2200 kg, they answer to the standards of safe and reliable exploitation - ISPM 15 UIC 435-2. Repose in reliable exploitation of pallet during a few years.

4 years

at the international market

up to 60 thousands

capacity per month

20 kilometres

from a border with European Union

Since 2011 "Pallet Export" works with wholesale customers, here oriented not only to the large wholesale but also on a sale by shallow batchwises.

The «Pallet Export» is located in Ukraine (Lviv region, Novi Yar village). The workshop is equipped with the latest equipment and it makes possible to manufacture a large amounts of product in a short period of time.

Pallets of "Pallet Export" sold in Ukraine, Turkey, Poland, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Slovakia, Germany. Every year the company is expanding market, satisfying the business needs of foreign buyers in quality and affordable wood packaging.

Why «Pallet Export»:

  • Production of large volumes, possibility of ordering fulfillment in especially large parties in the earliest possible dates.
  • Put right logistic on key trends. Rapid and reliable deliveries depending on direction, amounts and frequencies of orders
  • Near location with an Eurozone. The European customers can visit our production and personally to make sure as products.

A company is thoroughly acquainted with a legislation in the field of production and transportations of a transport pallet, that allows to avoid amateurish errors her on every stage. Collaboration from «Pallet Export» is pleasant service, comfortable order, advantageous cost.


A company uses services of transport companies, accepting direct participation in the questions of logistic.Terms of ordering and delivery fulfillment for clients - maximally rapid and advantageous.

For wholesale buyers

Sell a transport container together with us. «Pallet Export» offers advantageous terms for large wholesale customers. Universality and quality of pallets of EPAL provide high demand and corresponding level of sales on all Europe. And, you will realize the products of producer advantageously.

"Pallet Export" thanks you for the trust of permanent customers. Every day perfecting a production, logistic and service, a company broadens and invites to the collaboration of new clients.