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All boards used comply with European quality standards UIC 435-2. Main advantage of wooden pallets is possibility of processing, restoration, replacements of old elements new. Wooden pallets cheaper then plastic and metallic. This cost-effective decision, complemented by European quality of EPAL.
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Blocks are the elements of pallet, connecting the bottom and top boards together. We use blocks from the whole piece of wood. Unlike pressed, they guarantee the long term of exploitation.
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For assembling of one pallet are used 78 circular nails guaranteeing diagonal inflexibility of pallet. Their location is regulated by the standard of UIC 435-2. A company «Pallet Export» buys certified EPAL nails. On the hat of the licensed nail two capital letters identifying producer of nails.
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After assembling the pallet, the corners are cutten, chamfered bottom boards and stamps are burned on blocks.
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% 22 Wetness
56 0C Temperature
Drying of pallet.
Our production facility provides a full cycle of processing phytosanitary standard ISPM 15 by the drying chamber.
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The control staple is hammered into the middle blocks. Its presence confirms that the pallet is licensed and has passed all stages of inspections. The original yellow straps of new standard are marked the metallic icon of quality with inscription of EPAL and are supplied exceptionally European Pallet Association.
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Objectives of «Pallet Export» (Pallet Export Ltd.) - it is a decision of tasks of storage and transporting of loads by means of wooden pallets. A company is a producer and simultaneously wholesale salesman of europallets EPAL size 1200х800 with a carrying capacity to 2200 kg.
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